Preconditioning increases the economic value of cattle moving through the beef industry chain and enhances your reputation for producing high-quality calves.

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Why should you consider a preconditioning program like SelectVAC® for your calves?
Studies have shown many benefits of preconditioning:

  • Better animal health and productivity on the ranch 1
  • Increased profitability 2
  • Demonstrated premiums on sale day 3-5
  • Better performance in the feedlot 1

Tips for making preconditioning work for your cattle


Capture the premium

Participate in a proven preconditioning program like SelectVAC®, which has strong buyer recognition and buyer confidence

Make buyers aware that your calves have been preconditioned


Control backgrounding costs

Feed costs are the single largest expense for preconditioning cattle.

Reducing feed costs, either by using forage or byproducts such as wheat mids and barley, can significantly decrease backgrounding expenses


Optimize cattle performance during backgrounding period

Minimize weaning stress (eg, fenceline weaning)

Analyze forage and balance rations

Maintain sound cattle health program

Manage supplemental feeding

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“Preconditioned calves are healthier and require less treatment, producing a better-quality product on the carcass end.”
Bob Sager, DVM, MS